Maja Anastasova Hris

Maja is a visual artist working in various media. She has developed projects and exhibitions creating: prints in all printmaking techniques, paintings, drawings, installations, murals, icons. She designs jewelry and unique painted objects and accessories.

Her art works are inspired by the sky, the sun, the light, the woods, the trees, the mountains, the sunflowers, the plants, the garden, scenes of the everyday living, stilllifes all this subjects are present in her art. She also makes an interpretation of her own impression of the City, aiming to enrich our perception of the value and the beauty of the urban world with its specifics. Her last exhibition “Magical circle” was focused on the female body and the woman. At the moment she is working on her paintings inspired by Amsterdam’s beautiful architecture.

Through her own intimate approach, Maja aims to promote the beautiful side of the visual.

Maja lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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