Maja Anastasova Hris

Hi, I’m Maja. I am an artist who focuses on the positive, and being optimistic about life, my paintings show the beautiful side of the visual. My art very much reflects who I am and what is my inspiration. I use bright and vibrant colors inspired by the nature, and even though I have been classically trained at University, I’m not afraid to explore and experiment with different subjects and the possibilities of the art materials I use. I often receive comments that my paintings have a refreshing spontaneity and richness of colors, layers and shades.

I was very lucky that I had art teachers and family who recognised and supported my talent very early in my life. My childhood and youth were full of art related activities and lessons. During primary school and gymnasium, I had multiple trainings and lessons in plain-air landscape and cityscape painting, drawing lessons, printmaking lessons, I attended a lot of workshops and I had started mastering different art techniques including tempera, linocut, acrylic and oil since I was 8 years old. My progress and my enjoyment in creating art encouraged me to choose it as my profession. I have earned my Bachelor’s degree in Fine arts in 2006 being awarded two best student awards for it, and my MA degree in 2009. In few months I will finish my PhD degree.

I exhibit professionally since 2002, at many international exhibitions worldwide, and I’ve had 8 solo-exhibitions.

In 2014 I have left my University job and fully focused on creating art. I think it is a privilege to be in my studio and to be able to express my ideas through colors.

I live in Amsterdam with my husband and our two sons. They are my supporters and encouragers who I am very grateful for.

When I’m not in the studio, I love spending time with my family and friends, reading and researching at one of the libraries in Amsterdam, volunteering at my son’s school, cooking creative and delicious food, and very often I could be found in one of the beautiful museums in the Netherlands.


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