Maja Anastasova Hris was born in 1983 in Macedonia. She graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje in 2006. In 2009 she finished the postgraduate studies at the same Faculty, at the Printmaking department. She has participated in several art colonies and more than forty renowned group exhibitions in Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Italy, France, Portugal and Macedonia. She has won several prizes for her artworks.

Maja lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


+ 31 (0) 619 946 719


Solo exhibitions:

2014    Magical circle, Gallery “Bezisten”, Shtip, Macedonia

2012    Reflections of the Reality, Gallery “Oko”, Skopje, Macedonia

2011    City – Impressions, Stories, Metaphors II – Gallery of the Cultural and Informational Centre of R. Macedonia in R. Bulgaria, Sofia, R. Bulgaria

2010    Inside – Outside, Gallery “Artveda”, Skopje, Macedonia

2009    City – Impressions, Stories, Metaphors I –  National Gallery of Macedonia – Cifte-Amam, Skopje, Macedonia

2007    Solo exhibition, Gallery “Bezisten”, Shtip, Macedonia

2006    Reification of the Imaginary, Faculty of Fine Arts, Skopje, Macedonia

2006    Exhibition of works in small format, Gallery “Beli Mugri”, Kochani, Macedonia

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